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Nao Victoria, Museum

The Nao Victoria is an interactive and dynamic museum.

Knowing the Nao Victoria

La Nao Victoria is a full-scale replica of the ship of Hernando de Magallanes.



A cultural tourist attraction, unique in Magallanes, that can be visited by the public and allows to live the experience on board through environmental sounds, replicas of everyday objects, navigation instruments and artillery. Going back 500 years in history. A Patrimonial rescue that tells the history of the Magallanes Region since the times of Hernando de Magallanes. Stories raised as a tourist product through the historic ships that made their first settlements in our country.

The available Replicas are:

Ship Nao Victoria: replica in Punta Arenas, which in the sixteenth century began to open new routes for navigation in the world. On this vessel, Captain Hernando de Magallanes first spotted Chilean lands.

Goleta Ancud: Built specifically to move the Chilean expedition that took effective possession of the Strait of Magellan and occupied it militarily when erecting on its shore the settlement of Fuerte Bulnes.

HMS Beagle: A brigantine of the British Royal Navy, later it became an exploration vessel, of its three trips, the most famous being the second, where under the command of Captain Robert FitzRoy, and with the young Charles Darwin on board, he remained in the region for almost three years.

James Caird: Adapted by carpenter Harry McNish, it was a boat that sailed from Elephant Island to the South Georgia Islands during the expedition of Ernest Shackleton in 1916. Many historians consider the feat of the James Caird crew to be the most impressive of all the world navigation.

Today it functions as a museum where you can witness all the stories stored in every corner of the ships. Replicas of historic ships are equipped with old firearms such as falconets, bombards, culverins, arcabuzes, as well as hand weapons such as halberds, crossbows and swords; All these weapons can be used by visitors. Without a doubt it is a Heritage that we must know in our visit to the end of the world.


  • Costanera

    The Costanera of the Strait of Magellan crosses the city of Punta Arenas from north to south

  • Convenios
    There is no translation available.

    Convenios con La Araucana y Armada de Chile.

  • Goleta Ancud Monument
    Goleta Ancud Monument

    It is located at the intersection of Avenida Costanera del Estrecho with Avenida Colón

  • Tres Puentes Wetland
    Tres Puentes Wetland

    This Urban Natural Reserve, presents one of the largest diversity of birds in the region

  • King Penguin
    King Penguin

    The king penguin is large if compared to other species, it is the second largest of all penguins.

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